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About ATlas Crown Mortgage
An honest mortgage broker with a commitment to helping clients maximize their budget.

After years working for the biggest mortgage companies on the West Coast, I founded Atlas Crown Mortgage, a company that I'm proud to say has become a sought-after Scottsdale agency with a distinctly human core.

My team of talented and dedicated professionals has been with me for over 20 years. We work as a seamless unit for any client that comes to us for mortgage help. I took the greatest parts of all the companies I worked for, avoided their mistakes, and created a streamlined company with a stellar reputation for getting results. No matter if it's your first foray into real estate, or you're an industry veteran, you can benefit from our cutting-edge approach, high-level expertise, and personalized service.

We use a computer program that will search over 75 lenders. We'll use this data, combined it with your user data, to give you the best terms of service, and rates, to fit your needs. Unlike our competition, we don't have to rely on a specific number of lenders for our loans. We can find one that works for you, however unique your situation.

Another point that makes our team unique is the fact that they all come cross-trained on every aspect of the business, this means you'll never get passed from person to person, when you call our company. The person you first start the conversation with is the person who is more than capable of finishing the transaction. We're all here because we love what we do, and we love seeing our clients achieve the outcomes they deserve.

-Mike Mazella

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